HWE's 2021 Used Equipment Auction

It’s that time again! The auction is open to employees and their families.
All PCs have been cleaned, had their drive completely wiped and OS reinstalled/updated along with some basic use apps. Desktops do not come with cables nor monitors. Laptops include their power cord.
Devices are on display along the back wall of Wik’s office upstairs.
The auction will run for 2 weeks to give everyone ample opportunity to review the options and bid. Please note the “Current Bid” column is not a to-the-second live view of the current bid, as it is manually updated as quick as I can.
Bidding will begin 6/30/21 at 12 PM
Bidding closes 7/14/21 at 3 PM

Bidding Form

high west digital solutions cheyenne

Pine Bluffs, WY
7:30 AM–5 PM

Cheyenne, WY
7:30 AM–5 PM